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Personnel of our Company are highly-qualified specialists who have experience in designing, construction and assembly of technological equipment for filling stations

All kinds of project works are being carried out with computer technologies application. A Customer is offered several variants taking into account architectural planning volumetric and engineering solutions. Up-to-date technologies, materials and products are implemented for realisation of projects that allow to efficiently operate filling station.
Special emphasis in filling station designs is laid upon its architectural appearance that allows taking into account local conditions and customer wishes. External appearance of filling station is very important advertising factor. The essential economic factor in filling station business is properly organized service at a filling station. Car-wash, maintenance station, shop of associated goods these are standard attributes of any modern filling station.
Taking into account the deficit of ground areas in large cities we can suggest technological solution and correspondent equipment of modular filling stations. Modular filling stations provide for principally new setting up of filling stations equipment that was successfully mastered by our partners PNSK Company. Unlike traditional schemes, a dispenser pumps shall be installed above the tank that allows locating an average or even a large filling station on a small ground area.
        Foundation on which successful operation of filling station is based is the convenient organization scheme of general plan, effective technology and attractive, engraved in ones memory architectural appearance of the station itself. Thus, the success of a filling station is laid in the stage of project development. Our specialists will carry out a reconstruction project or technological re-equipment of an existing filling station. Individual approach to the problems of Customer will allow choosing the most efficient option of a project solution.

        Organization and technological scheme of designing, construction, operation of filling station:

  1. Predesign developmental works (, )
  2. Preparation of basic data for projecting
    • Decree of executive committee to allot ground area for filling station construction (decree on reconstruction or technical re-equipment).
    • Official act on land tenure, plan for land tenure.
    • Preliminary coordination of filling station location with organizations concerned:
             - Sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution
             - Ecology Administration
             - Traffic State Inspection
             - etc.
    • Technical specifications for engineering communication systems connection, which have been issued by correspondent authorities on:
             - Energy Supply
             - Water Supply
             - Economic and Home Sewer System
             - Storm Water Sewer
             - Installation of telephones
             - Installation of Radio
             - etc.
    • Letter of Permission for project and exploration works.
    • Architectural and planning task, town planning descriptor.
    • .
    • Topo-geodetic surveying of ground area and adjacent territory (scope 1:500) with planning relief marks and existing engineering communication systems.
    • Geological and engineering survey of the ground area concerning composition, physical and mathematical properties of soil, availability and overlapping of subterranean waters.
    • Presence and distance to sand-pits, detritus-pits, soil-pits.
    • Distance to disposal tip.
  3. Drawing up of design documents with application of modern computer technologies. Stage by stage design (, , , ) is defined by Customer and Designer. Main sections of design:
           - General Plan
           - Architectural and planning part
           - Technological part
           - Constructive part
           - Water supply and sewer system
           - Heating and ventilation
           - Power supply
           - Communication
  4. Coordination of project with organizations concerned, decree of Town-Planning Council, Examination statement.
  5. Obtaining permission for construction works.
  6. Filling station construction, delivery and assembly of technological equipment.
  7. Filling station commission.
  8. Operation of filling station, service maintenance.

* In compliance with - .2.2-3-97 " Warehouse, order of drawing up, coordination and approval of project documents " - .3.1-2-93 "Order of granting permission for construction works execution" - .3.1-5-96 "Organization of building manufacture" , - .3.1-3-94 "Commission of objects finalised after construction. Main provisions, the following sections relate to the Customer functions: II, IV, V, VII, VIII ; the following sections relate to the Executor functions (General Designer, General Contractor) on the instruction of a Customer : I, III, VI . The Executor may participate in implementation of the following sections: II, IV, V, VII, VIII on agreement with a Customer.

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