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        Service Centre is always ready to render qualified assistance and settle down any technical problems you have encountered with your equipment.
        Working hours of the Service Centre allows you not to be set aside for a single moment.
               - Weekdays: 8 a.m. - 17 p.m.
               - Weekends and holidays we work in guard mode from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m.
        In order to call a specialist you need to send an order by fax : (044) 495-25-72, 73 and make a call to service-engineers (050) 335-07-45.
        During the rest of the time you can leave a message about malfunction to our answering machine: (044) 495-25-72 and we shall respond promptly to your messages.

        Undisturbed Operation of your Equipment is our constant concern!

        "Barrel-Ukraine" can carry out service maintenance, repair and assembly works with analogical equipment of other manufacturers if correspondent documents are available and if there is a chance to contact the manufacture for purchasing original spare parts or working up the opportunity to install common parts from similar equipment of other manufacturers. In this case the expenses incurred by "Barrel-Ukraine", is the subject to be indemnified by the Customer.

        When purchasing complicated and expensive equipment through Barrel-Ukraine Trade Company we recommend you to entrust service maintenance and repair works to our Barrel-Ukraine Service Center. Our engineers have been certified by German, Italian and Finlands factories. At that, your expenses are fully covered by long-term and failure free operation of your equipment. Our Service Center has necessary spare parts, special equipment and tools. Service maintenance works are executed by highly experienced specialists in the fixed-site workshop of the Service Centre as well as outside.

        On the basis of the Service Centre there is a Technical Department where you can get competent consultation on all range of equipment for filling stations.

        Services, granted by "Barrel-Ukraine":

Warranty Service: - Eliminating of malfunctions and replacement of out-of-service units or aggregates arising out of manufacturing fault or defective material in specified period of time (depending on certain equipment it makes up 6-12 months).
Service Maintenance: - Complex of works that provides for washout and cleaning works, fastening and control-adjusting works as well as inspection of technical state of devices, units and aggregates.
Scheduled maintenance: - Complex of works connected with elimination of minor malfunctions, as well as compulsory replacement of single units and aggregates to ensure high reliability of equipment operation and prevent fast aging and malfunctions.
Current repairs: - Complex of works connected with elimination of complicated malfunctions of aggregates and units of equipment with the help of disassembly and assembly works, repair-and-renewal operations on preplanned date.
Emergency repair: - Complex of works connected with elimination of malfunctions of aggregates and units of equipment with the help of disassembly and assembly works, repair-and-renewal operations. This sort of works is to be carried out when a malfunction has occurred.
Installation works: - Complex of works connected with installation of units and aggregates that are not a part of standard package of primary equipment.
Putting in operation and adjusting: - Complex of works that includes putting equipment into operation. In the process of work execution, an inspection of documents, technical state and efficiency of equipment, its operating conditions are carried out, as well as associated recommendations and consultations are granted.
Personnel training: - Theoretical and practical training of operators to operate the equipment.

        Our Service Center is equipped with motor transport and warehouse for spare-parts which is located in Kiev, and this ensures continuous operation, prompt responsiveness to any call and gives you the confidence that in case malfunction your filling station will not stand idle waiting for specialists.

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